Program Design Specialist 1

Course Cost: $349.99

This course focuses on the program design specifics for the Sedentary, Beginner, and Older Adult Client. The ultimate goal of most clients that fall under the three categories listed above is to increase their well-being, loose some fat, tone up, and decrease medical health risk factors. While traditional selectorized machine protocols serve a base of safe resistance training in the non-supervised population, those same protocols rarely address the muscular imbalances and physiological needs of the client with atrophied mitochondrial elements, decreased range of motion, and a rusty motor unit activation mechanism. This class you will guide the participant through a 4 hour instructor led Power-Point presentation covering all the physiological needs of a new or older adult client and then participate in 5 different workout protocols already prepared for your use.  Graduates must complete a 30 question exam and send in for grading.  The passing score for the graded exam is 75%.

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