Fundamentals of Personal Training Diploma Program


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Welcome to the “Fundamentals of Personal Training” Diploma Program. This program is a sanctioned educational program by NFPT, ACE, NASM, and AFAA and used as a requirement in many health clubs around the world for those who work in a health club setting but not actively training clients. This is required to verify minimum competency knowledge in health and fitness. This program is also a 1.6 CEC course for Nationally Certified Trainers as part of the Continuing Education Requirements. Upon completing your enrollment you will be issued a student access code to Global Fitness Educators Academy and a Welcome letter from your program administrator Mr. Ricardo Atoche.    Should you need any assistance with your program, please direct ALL communications via email to Ricardo at fundamentals@globalfitedu.com

This is NOT a personal trainers certification program. If you are looking to become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, please go back and enroll in our Nationwide 2 Day NFPT Workshops, or the Express NFPT Certification Workshops all accessible from the Workshops and Enrollments tab.

Schedule and Testing: You are expected to have viewed ALL parts of this program as provided prior to testing and own or have access to a computer or laptop with webcam, or Smartphone or Tablet also with Webcam.You will be provided with your testing instructions within 24 hours of your enrollment as well as a welcome letter with further instruction from your program coordinator Ricardo from “fundamentals@globalfitedu.com”. You MUST test within 21 days of enrollment. Your test window will expire after 21 days. Therefore, if you let it expire you will have a $75.00 re test fee to open up another 21 days.  If you do not pass your exam, you can take it up to two more times for a total of 3 times.  Each retest has a retest fee of $75.00.  If you do not pass your exam within three times you will be ineligible to sit for this program for a period of 12 months from the date of your last test failure.  

Diploma Maintenance: To maintain your Diploma of Personal Training Fundamentals you will have a renewal fee of $50.00 on your first 18 month anniversary and every 18 month anniversary moving forward. You must also satisfy 1 Continuing Education Credit. Eligible Continuing Education Credits would be achieving the NFPT-CPT NCCA Accredited Personal Trainers Certification, or any other courses offered by either Global Fitness Educators or NFPT. Any other courses taught by other organizations can be submitted for approval by emailing all pertaining information along with a $10.00 submission fee.

When will you receive your materials?: As soon as you submit your enrollment, your student ID and access codes are sent to you via email within 4 hours of enrollment during normal business hours.   Enrollments that take place on the weekends will have a 12 hour window for your access codes to arrive.  Please check your spam and junk email folders accordingly especially if you use Hotmail or Outlook which have the tendency to deliver all unknown senders to junk or spam. You will also receive a follow up email from your specific program adviser within 12 hours of your enrollment so that you have a direct point of contact to assist you along the way with anything you may need.

Student Responsibilities:  It is the students responsibility to know that a series of emails are expected.  Therefore, you should be checking ALL your email boxes, open, and completely read all your emails pertaining to this program.  It is also the students responsibility to enter the correct personal information when registering and when scheduling to take your exam to pick the date the you can attend. Any alterations that need to be made post registration and any rescheduling of a confirmed exam date will incur a $15.00 administrative fee.  Please make sure  you spell your name correctly and as it should be on your diploma.  Also make sure when enrolling that you use an email address that you have daily access to and that your email address is entered correctly.  Any discrepancies entered by the student that later need to be corrected are considered alterations to an existing enrollment.

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