Terms and Conditions

All enrollments must be made online.   All workshops have a close time of Midnight of the evening 3 days prior to the event.  Any Walk In enrollments will be subject to full payment at the door.  Any and all coupon codes that may be in effect during seasonal specials can NOT be applied to Walk in enrollments on the day of the workshop.  Coupon codes are only valid during on-line enrollments while the event is still open.
Enrollment Options & Policies Global Fitness Educators offers various options to your enrollment.
Payment in full: Payments in full can be made at time of registry by means of Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, or Money Order.
Interest Free Finance Option: Dependent on the curriculum enrolled for, students are facilitated with a minimum required 50% enrollment fee. Payment can be made in the form of Cash, Money Order, or accepted Credit Card. Students will then be placed in the personal payment plan which will directly bill their credit card on file the amounts due per student contract on specific pre determined dates on our 2 month and Master Trainer programs.  All 2 Day Weekend workshops will be billed 48 Hours prior to the scheduled workshop.
Health Club Staff Sponsored Enrollments:  If you are a current staff member with an employee ID # and a promotional code at the time of registration you will automatically be granted the staff sponsored discount once entering your provided promo code during your checkout.   All staff enrollments receive all materials as downloadable PDF Files which will be accessible directly from our website. This information will be in your welcome email sent directly from us upon registration. If a sponsored staff member desires Skinfold Caliper, Tape Measure, and carry bag, it can be purchased for $50 including shipping.
Health Club Members Friends, and Family Enrollments:  If you are a current health club member with a promotional code at the time of registration you will automatically be granted the  discount once entering your promo code during your checkout. All member, friends, and family enrollments receive PDF Manuals downloadable from your online NFPT Student Account plus Skinfold Caliper, Tape Measure, And carry bag.
Failure to Show Up / Attend:  If a registered student fails to attend the workshop, all registrations fees are forfeited. Students are allowed to provide a hospital record of admittance for no show as a result of a life threatening situation or illness.  When this record is provided, Global Fitness Educators will assist the student in transferring them to the next workshop in their city or allow them access to the webinar.
Rescheduling by Student  If student needs to reschedule any enrollment they must email enrollments@globalfitedu.com 3 days prior to the event date. For a fee of $75.00, the enrollment will then be transferred to the next available date that such curriculum is scheduled for. If student fails to reschedule per the above listed protocols, all fees will be forfeited.
Rescheduling by Global Fitness Educators  Global Fitness Educators has the discretion to transfer ALL scheduled workshops, if needed as follows.
Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, all workshops will be held as scheduled unless otherwise notified by NFPT 24 hours in advance by email and/or phone. Pre-registered participants who are unable to attend their scheduled workshop may reschedule without incurring the $75 rescheduling fee so long as the request has been received 7 days following the originally scheduled date.  The scheduled event will be held within the following 6 week period and all registered attendees will receive notice via email no more than 2 weeks out of the new date.
Insufficient Registrations: All workshops must have 13 registered students no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled event.  If a workshop does not satisfy this requirement, all enrolled students will automatically be completing the workshop via a LIVE Recorded 2 Day workshop. The access codes to the study materials in MP4 will be sent.  Students can also attend any of our other scheduled workshops, they just have to notify us of their attendance.  It does not matter if they have already passed the certification exam. Same exact education and exam prep.  Only difference is sitting at home to watch, listen and take notes versus doing so in a club.
Unforeseen Staff Emergency: In the event that there is a staff emergency, all participants will be notified at the earliest availability and the class will be moved to the next available date not to exceed 60 days from the original scheduled date.
Airline Flight Disruptions: In the event that there is a staff emergency, all participants will be notified at the earliest availability and the class will be moved to the next available date not to exceed 60 days from the original scheduled date.
Enrollment Submission Error: If student enrolls with a fraudulent coupon code in the attempts to receive a fraudulent discount they will automatically be billed the full cost of the course plus an administrative fee of $25.00.  A fraudulent use of codes is classified as enrolling as a “Staff” member when NOT a staff member or using any other code not eligible for.
Enrollment Promo Code Error: If student enrolls with the wrong corporate coupon code or Coupon field is left blank, the system will bill accordingly.  If in fact the student can prove the error, a written email with clear explanation must be received at enrollments@globalfitedu.com within 72 hours of enrollment. No Promo Code Error submissions will be accepted after the 72 hour window.   Once the information is examined and confirmed by our billing department within 14 business days, an account adjustment will be granted or denied based on the outcome of the examination.  If adjustment is granted, an administrative fee of $25.00 will be deducted from such adjustment and the adjustment will be applied within 5 business days of decision.  If adjustment is not granted, the policy of NO REFUNDS and ALL SALES ARE FINAL will be adopted.
Duplicate Enrollments: If a duplicate enrollment is made, the student has 72 hours after such occurrence to correct and have the duplicate enrollment refunded minus a $25.00 administrative fee. Receipts for all enrollments are issued immediately by our merchant provider Authorize.net. Therefore, it is the students responsibility to identify that two separate receipts, for two separate transactions have been received and email us within the above noted 72 hours for reversal. Should student not contact us within 72 hours, Global Fitness Educators will issue a credit on the students account in the duplicate amount paid that can be used within the next 36 months to complete mandatory CEC courses and can apply funds up to three years of renewal ($85.00 yr) towards the annual renewal of the NFPT-CPT Title.
Promo Codes Past Enrollment Deadline: No promo codes are valid after an advertised enrollment deadline.  Any enrollments after registration deadlines will be subject to availability and billed at regular rates.
Contract Defaults:  A contract default is defined as a non approved credit card transaction at the time of billing per student contract. Any billing term not approved will be attempted for a total of 2 more times within the following 10 working days without additional late fees. If payment is not approved within the 10 working days after due date, a $15.00 late fee will be assessed. In addition, all past due accounts will incur a 1.5% penalty fee on the total balance past due for every month that the account goes unpaid until a maximum of 120 days has expired. At this point, all accounts will be transferred to our collections service and accordingly reported to the appropriate credit reporting agencies.
Chargebacks: Should a Chargeback be filed, it will treated as a forfeiture of all enrollment fees. Once a charge-back is initiated, the students file is automatically transferred to our legal department. 100% of all chargebacks will be settled in favor of Global Fitness Educators. Our Terms, Policies, & and Conditions are readily available and part of the checkout process as a mandatory field. There are NO Cancellations, NO Refunds, and all workshops are held as scheduled. As stated on our terms, if a workshop happens to not meet the minimum requirements it goes webinar platform with the live review with the exact same education as when held on-site to include National Testing, Books, Etc. Once the chargeback is settled the students file will be closed and a note on their file would prohibit them from re-applying on our website or the NFPT’s website at any time in the future. Should a student realize their mistake in placing a chargeback and would like to reinstate their original enrollment, there would be the legal fees of $199.00 plus the workshop transfer fee of $75.00. This Reinstatement fee is valid for a 12 month period from the date of enrollment. All communications regarding Chargeback Issues must be in writing and sent via email to enrollments@globalfitedu.com
HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATIONS: Global Fitness Educators or the NFPT do not provide hotel recommendations or discounted travel and hotel fares for NFPT Workshop events. We recommends using the internet as a search tool for area hotel and other travel accommodations.
Refund Policy: Global Fitness Educators has adopted the following refund policy. All enrollments are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. Global Fitness Educators reserves the right to refuse or terminate an enrollment at it’s own discretion if Global Fitness Educators makes a final determination that participation in a workshop by participant will cause disorderly conduct, distraction to other students, or conflictive / confrontational demeanor.