Private Tutoring

For those of our students that learn better in a private setting, or can’t wait until the next on-site event, Global Fitness offers Private Tutoring for most of our programs.

Private tutoring is based on the availability of our local instructors.  

Costs for private tutoring are:

NFPT-CPT- $1500.00
Fundamentals of Personal Training- $500.00
Program Design for the Beginning Client – $500.00
Lowering Cholesterol through progressive resistance applications – $500.00
Stretching – $1000.00
NFPT-CPT 6 Week Semester Program – $4600.00

When you elect our private tutoring services, you will be scheduled one on one with one of our senior instructors.  Depending on what course you are taking you will be at our facilities between 5-12 hours spread out over a couple of days as needed.  Once you complete the hands on instruction, you will then sit for your examination in our supervised testing room.

To inquire or schedule your Private Tutoring program, email