Code of Ethics and Responsibilities

Code of Ethics and Responsibilities

1- I understand that by enrolling in any program offered by Global Fitness Educators it is my responsibility to completely read my emails and follow all instructions provided.

2- I understand that I am enrolling in an Adult Education Program and expected to have the minimum competency requirements of a High School Diploma or Equivalence.

3- I understand I will have to use a computer or laptop from time to time that must meet up to date requirements.

4- I understand that all communications will be via email and I must inform Global Fitness Educators if I change me email.

5- I understand that I will be working with the public in offering Health and Fitness Services where ethical communication is expected. If any of the following should be reported to either Global Fitness Educators, I understand I will forfeit all credentials, diplomas, or registrations and banned from achieving any other credential with both Global Fitness Educators and NFPT. a. Use of foul language b. Improper comments c. Disrespectful advances d. Abuse of Text / Email out of context as required for Trainer-Client communication

6- I also understand that any communication with the staff at Global Fitness Educators or NFPT that is obscene, uses foul language, or disrespectful in which way or form will also be taken as a violation of the ethical communications standard set forth as part of my enrollment in a program that requires a demeanor of respect.