Express NFPT Certification Workshop

Program Cost: $728.00
Express Recorded Certification Workshop Program

This workshop is specifically for those that cannot wait for the next scheduled NFPT 2 Day Workshop available in their community or cannot do the 6 Week Semester Program in South Florida.

For your conveninece our international 2 Day Workshop has been completely recorded into a 3 Video Format Event.

First 2 Video Links:   Is the full powerpoint presentation led by our Director using the Zoom Meeting Platform.  This is the exact same thing that is done on the first day of our 2 day workshop at the on-site locations.  You will be able to view this at your convenience, take notes using your provided Printed Power-Point and Books, hear other students questions and live interaction, and have the ability to email in any questions for tech support response.

 Additional Links provided on Student Account on our partner site 
  • Taking Blood Pressure
  • Measuring Body Fat Using Skinfold Calipers
  • Performing Client Circumference Measurements
  • Performing Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Core, & Flexibility Assessments
  • Using the proper form and technique to spot
  • Knowing how to instruct new clients on the basic lifts in the gym
All these links can be viewed over and over again as needed so you can practice with your volunteers. 

What else do you receive with this option?
  • Hard Copy Text Books
  • PDF Files of all Text Books
  • Student ID and Access to Online Study Materials at our sister site
  • Instructor Support with our Director
  • Skinfold Calipers, Circumference Measuring Tape, Quick Reference Guide
  • National Exam Registration 
  • Diploma and Wallet ID Issued after successful exam results
*Skinfold Calipers, Circumference Measuring Tape, Quick Reference Guide, & Hard Copy Books not included with promotional Discounted Enrollments.  They may be purchased separately 

Is there a Payment Plan with this Express Option?