Personal Training: Making an Impact from day one

This lecture focuses on key factors that have been shown to make or break your success as a Fitness Professional.  In whatever capacity you serve the industry, one thing maintains,  potential future clients are lurking in the background and taking in subliminal cues of what they see.  What does this mean?  That as a fitness professional, being sensitive to the unplanned “first impression” is a key you gaining a personal training client.  After you gain them, then the goal is to maintain them with constant results which can be measured in endless ways.  

In this presentation, we share with you a foundation of key components that will help you look at yourself from the outside in and guide you on how to position yourself as a pro in the efforts of gaining clients effortlessly along with programming concept geared to cause measurable results that will help keep your client coming back for more.  

Course Objectives:
  1. Identify the “big picture” role of a fitness professional
  2. How to create a constant great first impression
  3. Knowing how to make a client feel at ease and look great yourself when performing circumference measurements
  4. Executing a cardio-respiratory evaluation as part of a warm up 
  5. Learning the value of a cardio-respiratory evaluation as a tool to motivate & encourage a potential client to work with you as their trainer
  6. Adapting old school training principles to the limited frequency client
This course will grant CEC’s for:

Global Fitness Fundamentals of Personal Training Diploma Program:  .05
ACE: Pending
NASM: Pending
AFAA: Pending
NCSF: Pending

Course Length:
3.0 hours
Course Format: 
Exam Details:
Multiple Choice, 30 questions, 80% passing score required with a maximum of three attempts all online. 
Cost:  79.99

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