Nationwide 2 Day NFPT Workshop Program


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Do you learn better in an interactive environment? Or are you interested in sharpening up on your skills? Work with one of our expert instructors to learn and review exercise science fundamentals and real-world methodologies to enhance your personal trainer success in a hands-on practical way…

Enroll today for the most interactive and comprehensive way to master NFPT principles. You’ll leave this workshop with better working knowledge of NFPT material and fundamental exercise concepts and more confidence for successful personal trainer exam completion!

Course Outline

Bio mechanics and review of planes of motion
Understanding muscle tissue types and muscle fiber
Basic human anatomy
Understanding cellular adaptations to imposed demands
Anatomy of the heart, digestive system, and respiratory system
Understanding energy systems, ATP production, and related training methods
Stretching, to include injury prevention and management
Legal and professional practices
Understanding wellness and nutrition 

The performance, participation, and understanding of:
Blood pressure testing
Sit and reach test
Body composition assessment (Bio-Impedance / Caliper)
Interpret and prescribe cardiovascular prescriptions based on Karvonen Formula
Performance of 3-minute step test with result interpretation
Perform strength test based on percentage with a
10 rep max
10 rep sub-maximal Chest Press
10 rep sub-maximal Leg Press
10 rep sub-maximal Pull Down
Perform muscle endurance assessments with result interpretation
One minute sit-up test
Pull ups (men) or modified
pull up (women)
Push ups (men) or modified push ups (women)
Active demonstrations of the 17 NFPT recommended base exercises with proper spotting techniques
Active demonstrations of the 16 NFPT recommended base stretches

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July 13th & 14th, Philadelphia PA, August 10th & 11th Chicago IL, August 10th & 11th San Francisco CA, August 24th & 25th Columbus OH, August 17th & 18th Seattle WA, August 17th & 18th Hollywood CA, September 7th & 8th Indianapolis IN, September 21st & 22nd Houston TX, September 28th & 29th FT Lauderdale FL, October 5th & 6th Cincinnati OH, October 12th & 13th Portland OR, October 19th & 20th Atlanta GA, October 26th & 27th Minneapolis MN, November 9th & 10th, Pittsburgh Park PA, November 9th & 10th, Wheaton MD


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