Essentials of Personal Training


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Thinking about a career in personal training?

  • Already a Personal Trainer but never really took a guided Power Point based workshop?
  • Want to understand,  in laymen terms, the complicated terms and physiological intricacies of the human body?
  • Want an edge on mastering any Personal Training Certification Exam?
  • Working on your CEC’s?
  • Currently studying for a Nationally Accredited Personal Trainers Certification?
This program has been tailored to meet all the above needs and more.  Written by Felix Doval, renowned Fitness Expert,  Personal Trainer, Author, and Consultant to top health and fitness club chains, you are guaranteed a whole different type of learning experience.   Felix is the Director of Education for the NFPT and a CEC program developer for educational programs approved by NFPT, ACE, NASM, AFAA, NCSF, & PTA Global.   With the vast experience learned over the last 30+ years in the industry and identifying what those taking a National Certification Exam have the hardest time learning is, he created this program in the efforts of tackling those needs.  

Whether your testing if you have what it takes to go through a full NCCA Accredited Certification, getting some CEC’s, or just learning for self enrichment, this program is for you.  Watch a small clip here of several segments of the learning modules.  

We look forward to helping you succeed in the fitness industry.

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