Enrollment Policy

Global Fitness Educators offers various options to your enrollment. Payment in full: Payments in full can be made at time of registry by means of Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, or Money Order. Interest Free Finance Option: Dependent on the curriculum enrolled for, students are facilitated with a minimum required enrollment fee. Payment can be made in the form of Cash, Money Order, or accepted Credit Card. Students will then be placed in the personal payment plan which will directly bill their credit card on file the amounts due per student contract on specific pre determined dates. Rescheduling: If student needs to reschedule any enrollment they must email fd@globalfitedu.com 3 days prior to the event date. For a fee of $75.00, the enrollment will then be transferred to the next available date that such curriculum is scheduled for. If student fails to reschedule per the above listed protocols, all fees will be forfeited. Contract Defaults: A contract default is defined as a non approved credit card transaction at the time of billing per student contract. Any billing term not approved will be attempted for a total of 2 more times within the following 10 working days without additional late fees. If payment is not approved within the 10 working days after due date, a $15.00 late fee will be assessed. In addition, all past due accounts will incur a 1.5% penalty fee on the total balance past due for every month that the account goes unpaid until a maximum of 120 days has expired. At this point, all accounts will be transferred to our collections service and accordingly reported to the appropriate credit reporting agencies. *Global Fitness Educators reserves the right to transfer any and all scheduled on-site workshops to virtual workshops if a minimum of 15 workshops attendees is not met. This determination is made one week prior to the event date. If an on-site workshop is held on our virtual platform, all students enrolled will receive login codes to patch into our workshop office and attend the workshop using a computer (PC or MAC), tablet, or iphone (4s or 5).