Fundamentals of Personal Training Diploma Program


Welcome to the “Fundamentals of Personal Training” Diploma of Personal Training Workshop. Upon completing your enrollment bellow you will automatically receive your download files. Please start and complete your Study Guide as the workshop will start with a review of acquired knowledge. You also have a Power-Point Document in PDF Format. Please download and bring both of these files to class on a tablet or laptop so that you can have clear visuals aside from the projection and take your study notes. If you would like to receive your materials in hard copy print in addition to the provided PDF files, please email us at The cost of the hard copy books including shipping is $29.99.

Schedule and Testing: You are expected to have viewed parts 1, 4, 5, & 6 of the provided downloads prior to attending class. Your class time will consist of Hands on Application and Review leading up to the 100 Question, Multiple Choice Exam that will take place 2.5 Hours prior to the end of the class. Test Time limit is 2 hours with grading and diploma issuing upon successful completion with a passing score of 70%. If a passing score is not achieved, student may retake the exam 2 more times with a retake fee of $75.00 each time. If you enrolled using the “SELF PACED” option, you will be provided with your testing instructions within 24 hours of your enrollment. Your test window will expire after 21 days. Therefore, you MUST take your exam within 21 days of enrolling to avoid retest fees.

If your on-site workshop does not fill up the the minimum required 20 students, you will be provided the remaining sections of the PowerPoint which are application based and will you will take your test at home via our secure testing, third party monitored, proctored method. You also have the choice of NOT testing at the end of the 2 day workshop. If you feel you need more time to study, simply advise your instructor, a PayPal invoice in the amount of $50.00 will be sent to you, and you will then be transferred to the online testing portal and test codes issued for your convenience of testing at home.

All Retest needs will be satisfied using our secure third party proctoring service using your computer, laptop, or tablet which has a webcam.

Diploma Maintenance: To maintain your Diploma of Personal Training Fundamentals you will have a renewal fee of $50.00 on your first 18 month anniversary and every 18 month anniversary moving forward. You must also satisfy 1 Continuing Education Credit. Eligible Continuing Education Credits would be achieving the NFPT-CPT NCCA Accredited Personal Trainers Certification, or any other courses offered by either Global Fitness Educators or NFPT. Any other courses taught by other organizations can be submitted for approval by emailing all pertaining information along with a $10.00 submission fee.

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